ADAS Adjustments

ADAS System Adjustments in Glasgow and Central Belt

Ace Body Shop is fully equipped to deal with all vehicles - whether they rolled off the factory floor 50 years ago, or 5 months ago. We continue to invest in skills and equipment that allow us to keep with industry trains and advancements.

We have access to ADAS equipment, also known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, allowing us to perform checks and adjustments on these modern-day systems that allow your vehicle to "see" and respond to the world around them.

What features use ADAS Technology?

Does your vehicle have any of the below features?  Chances are, its using ADAS, and could benefit from routine checks and adjustments.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Blind Spot Warnings

Collision Warnings

Lane Departure Warnings

Lane Keep Assistance

Driver Alerts

Night Vision

Parking Assistance or Automated Parking

Automatic Emergency Braking

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